TITLE  Moravec/Johnson Wedding Page 4
 Ceramony is finished. Picture time!

Here we are with the two priests that officiated the ceremony. Starting on the right, that is Dean Duncan. He is the head priest at St. Matthews, For all of you non-episcopalians, like me, who can't figure out why he is called Dean and not Father. Here is the deal as I understand it. The diocese consists of a group of episcopialian churches, headed by a bishop. The diocese's main church is called a cathedral, only one per diocese. This is like the Bishop's church. But the Bishop is not here very often because he is visiting all the other churches in the diocese. Like other large churches St. Matthew, has multiple priests. The head priest in a cathedral is called Dean.

The priest on the left, is Father Luck. He is retired, but helps out around the Cathedral. He taught the confirmation class that Delynda took to become an Episcopalian. Delynda liked him so much that she wanted to be part of our ceremony.

 The parent's shots with the bride and groom. 17.JPG

 Here is a picture of the wedding party. The bride and groom, and the wedding support team of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ring bearer.

 These two studs were our wonderful ushers, and great friends, Daryl Allarra and Ken Freehill.

It just so happens, that Delynda and I are going to be in Godspell in Mesquite in Feburary. Ken will be directing!

 Delynda getting kissed again. At least it is me this time. 20.JPG