TITLE  Moravec/Johnson Wedding Page 3
 The Johnson Family! We have Delynda's brother, Kevin, his wife Julienne Foster, Delynda, Delynda's mother, Marcia, and Delynda's father, Gary. 11.JPG
 The lovely bride and her bridesmaids.

We will see if I get this right, Julienne Foster, Lisa Nossamen, Delynda Johnson (soon to be Moravec), Valarie Ziminsky, and Lynn Kuttruff.


 I have no clue what they are trying to do...

Lets all point at the bride.

 All of a sudden we are in the cathedral. The wedding was held in St. Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral, on Ross Street, near downtown Dallas.

Walker Texas Ranger fans may recognize it as a catholic church on one of the Walker episodes. (The one with the nuns.)

 Maybe it is time we said our vows.

We memorized them. I almost got it right.

Oh, Delynda just told me that is the first kiss as husband and wife.