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JetDrive IIIMicrofab Technologies is my oldest customer. I designed an arbitrary waveform generator for them to use in their micro-dispensing systems. Almost 400 have been built and Microfab's customers are very happy. It generates a wave that goes to +/- 140V at about 50mA, enough to drive most of the jetting devices It is not enough voltage for dispensing solder. But I have a new design that will go to +/- 300V if the demand appears for it.

Semichase was a customer that sold liquid chemical distribution systems for semiconductor facilities. Texas Instruments has about 500 Valve Manifold Boxes in DMOS IV, and The South Building.  These 500 units use one of my custom controllers and a membrane switch to monitor the chemical pressure, check for leaks, supply machines with chemical on demand, and report back to the SCATA system in the building control room.  With intelligence in each VBM if a leak occurs only the sections affected by the leak are shut down and the rest of the factory continues operating, minimizing down time. Unfortunately, Semichase did not survive the bust part of the last boom/bust cycle for semiconductors. I am still supporting TI as they need it on these controllers, however in over 5 years none have broken! (Except one that had Hydrofluoric Acid (HFl) dripping on it.)

BAUD Device
BAUD Energetics Corp asked me to design a system to generate a specific type of sound wave for helping people suffering from Attention Deficit  Disorder (ADD). They had a design that did not work very well and did not cover the frequency range that they needed.  I redesigned the unit and lowered the battery voltage from 1 9V battery to 2 AA batteries, which lowered the parts count, and lengthened the battery life of the system.

We worked on making the unit easy to build and started production in the United States.  If the monthly volume increases we will probably move production offshore.

Dr. G. Frank Lawlis pioneered the research on the technique. It has been mentioned twice on the television show Dr. Phil, and is being used in The PNP center to help people with ADD.

More on ADD can be found in Dr. G. Frank Lawlis' book The ADD Answer.  This site describes the book; questions can be posed to Dr. Lawlis, and the ADD/ADHD-inflicted community.

B&B ARMR asked me to design a super gate controller. This means it has all the features and options anyone could want in a gate controller.  It can do single gates which slide open from one direction or the double kind that open from the right and left.  It can also do the double gates  where  the car drives through one gate, that gate closes, before a second gate opens to let the car in the facility. It can monitor up to 4 loops in the ground to detect the presence of a car in certain positions. It has RS-485, and RS-232 communications and as an additional option can have an ethernet connection.  It logs openings and closes, and has many options for operation. On this unit I designed the hardware and the lowest level software subroutines to talk to the hardware, and B&B wrote the applications software.

Texas Instruments has a custom machine for the production of the DLP chip used in the best
digital projectors available. TI had a prototype machine, but the controller was shakey at best. With a minimum amount of effort I modified the controller to be very stable.  Later TI wanted a few more features, so I completely rededigned the control with a microcontroller and software from the pure HW design.  I also updated all of the mechanical drawings of the machine to incorporate all of the changes over time. I think there are about 12-13 of these machines in the U.S. and at TI partners in Asia.

Geosite is a hydrocarbon well logging service. I designed a controller to help them log the gasses coming out of the soil in an oil well as they are drilling. I designed the hardware and they did the software.