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Kipton Moravec
2813 Hunters Creek Dr.
Plano, TX 75075
Phone:(214) 929-8121
Fax:(972) 758-7516
Email: kip@kdream.com


DREAM is an electrical design firm. We can take your project from concept through production to delivery to your customers.

We start by understanding what it is that you want.

We design it with an understanding of cost. There is a trade-off in development costs versus production cost.  If you are going to produce a limited number of units, then it is better to have smaller development costs and a more costly product. However, if you expect a large production run, then it is better to spend more in development to have a less costly product.

In all cases, we design electronics to be easily manufactured. We work closely with manufacturing companies to ensure our products are manufacturable. (How many designers know how to run a pick and place machine?) We do not throw the design to manufacturing and let them worry about how to build it. We make sure it can be manufactured.

When possible we do not push the envelope on high-tech solutions. If the design will work with 2-layer board, we will not make a 4-layer board.  If the space allows using 0805 resistors and capacitors, we will not use 0402 parts. If we can make the boards with 10 mil traces and 10 mil spaces we will, we will not do 5 mil traces and 5 mil spaces. If a parts is available in a QFP and BGA, and space permits we will go with the QFP.  These options make the boards easier to build, assemble, inspect, and test, which means less cost and more profit.

We specialize in controllers, but we can do most anything. The more unusual the better.